Located on the bank of river Ganga, Uttarpara is the border town of districts Hooghly and Howrah. The two districts are bridged by a man-made water body known as Bally Khal that connects Uttarpara with Bally, Howrah. In the past few years, a number of real estate projects (including projects by the Unimark Group) have come up in Uttarpara. The place is increasingly becoming the most popular residential choice for a number of reasons. Take a look:

1. A Rich Cultural Heritage
Uttarpara boasts a rich cultural heritage. The place was once the property of Zamindar Ratneshwar Roychowdhury. Another philanthropic Zamindar Joy Krishna Mukherjee, who was related to Ratneshwar Roychowdhury through marriage, contributed to the cultural development of Uttarpara. He established many libraries, schools, and public hospitals in this place. The great architectural works of Uttarpara boasts its rich cultural past. The great Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt spent his last days here. Even Rishi Aurobindo gave his last speech here in 1909 before he left for Pondicherry. So, Uttarpara is a place soaked in a rich history. In the past few years, a number of modern apartments have come up in Uttarpara to accommodate the increasing populace. If you are interested in buying 2 BHK flats in Uttarpara, check the Unimark Riviera project by Unimark group. For more details, visit www.unimarkgroup.com.

2/3 BHK Flats in Uttarpara

2. Improved Connectivity
Uttarpara is easily accessible from Kolkata and Howrah. It is connected by railway and road. The state highway 6 and the Grand Trunk Road connect Uttarpara with other parts of the city, state, and the country. You can also avail bus from Howrah and Serampore. Moreover, with the proposed Metro Railway in Dakshineshwar, Uttarpara is soon going to become an important hub for business and other activities.

3. Education
Uttarpara has been the spearhead in promoting women’s education from the time of Bengali Renaissance. A number of notable educational institutes (schools and colleges) were established by the Zamindars who ruled Uttarpara once. Many of these prestigious educational institutes (over 150 years old) are still operating with pride.

4. Places of Attraction
Apart from the beautiful ghats, you can still explore the ancient majestic palaces of Zamindars dotting the skyline of Uttarpara. There are a number of temples such as Shiv Mandir, Mandirbati Temple, and Muktakeshi Kali Temple to visit, each having a link to the bygone era.

Uttarpara still retains its old-world charm with a blend of modern outlook. With such a rich history and heritage, a large number of people are now moving to this place. Uttarpara is throbbing with new residential projects and modern buildings. This is a place where “adda” or gossip sessions (an integral part of Bengali culture) are still a familiar scene in tea shops. Overall, Uttarpara is a place thriving with modern outlook with a culturally and traditionally rich core which makes it a perfect place to include on your watch list for real estate.

Why Uttarpara Should be in Your Watch List to Invest in Real Estate