Buying a flat or an apartment is one of the biggest investments in your life. It takes a major portion of your savings and in case, you are taking a loan for it, the flat or apartment will translate into monthly EMIs. And that’s the reason you must ensure that your investment is completely safe and secure. There are a number of residential projects in Kolkata and other cities in India. Irrespective of the place, it is better to keep the following points in mind:


1.    Carpet Area vs. Total Area
Be it a 2 BHK flat or a 4 BHK flat, before you buy an apartment find out the total area and the carpet area of that apartment. The carpet area of an apartment is the actual area of the apartment, excluding the thickness of the walls. It is the area which is enclosed by the walls. On the other hand, the total area includes everything. So, when buying an apartment, ask the builder about the total area and the carpet area (the actual area available to you). In case you are looking for a 2 BHK flat in Patuli, get in touch with us at

2.    Check the permits
All builders must have all kind of permits and clearances before they start construction of residential apartments. Check whether your builder has all the necessary permits or not. Otherwise, you can face problems during the registration process of your flat. Check whether the builder has clearances from the local registration body, electricity board, and water board. In case it is a high rise building, ensure that they have proper clearances and whether they meet proper construction codes or not.

3.    Amenities cost
Many builders charge additional costs for amenities such as parking, gym, electricity etc. These charges are usually applied at a rate of 5% to 20%. Check how much your builder is charging for the amenities they provide.

4.    Home Loans
To ensure hassle free finance, there are a number of builders who will offer you facilities of a bank loan. The banks perform a thorough background check of the property and as a result, you do not have to get the project approved by the bank surveyor for getting your loan. Banks, especially Government banks usually do not associate themselves with risky projects. So, in case the builder or developer has roped in a government bank for loans, then you can go for it.

5.    Check clause for late possession
The delivery date of the project depends on a number of factors. From the shortage of supply to weather problems, anything can delay the project. And that is why almost all builders and developers seek a grace period for delivery. Check whether that date is mentioned in the contract or not.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Flat