Firsts are always exciting and memorable. Your first day at school or college. Your first job. Your first pay cheque. And of course, your first home. Whether it’s an individual flat or residential property, buying your first flat in Kolkata or any other place is an important step in your life. It takes a lot of preparation when you have reached this important phase in your life. And that’s why you must consider a few things before you buy flats in Kolkata:

1. Have you gathered enough funds?

Buying a flat in Kolkata is not like buying monthly groceries or a car. It’s a complex process and involves a lot of paperwork. But before you think of buying, consider your budget. See whether you have enough savings or not. You need money for making the down payment and you will need money for the registration process, repairs or small upgrades. See if you are qualified for a loan or not. This will help you get a price estimate.

2. Consider the Type of Apartment

Do you wish to live in the suburbs in a traditional 2BHK flat? Or do you wish to have a luxury apartment in a premium locality in the city, within walking distance of supermarkets and restaurants? Or you are looking for a flat in a residential society? After you have set your budget, consider what type of apartments and amenities you want.

3. The ideal neighbourhood

If you are a first-time buyer then see whether the area where you’re planning to buy an apartment has access to places for good food, recreational activities, shopping, and nightlife. Is it a pedestrian-friendly locality with plenty of parks and greenery? Is it well connected through public transport facilities? Is the neighbourhood too congested? Above all, is the locality safe? Consider all these factors before buying an apartment.

4. Understand the terms of the contract

Ensure that you understand the terms of the contract. If you do not understand any of them, asks your real estate agent (if any).

5. Consider the Commute

Before you buy a flat in Kolkata that’s about an hour or more from your workplace, think twice. Long commutes can be really hectic and also cost a fortune in fuel (if you travel by car).

6. Prepare a list of what you want in your apartment

Figure out what exactly you’re looking for in an apartment. How many bedrooms do you want? And how many bathrooms will you need? Do you need a parking space or extra space for a home office?

You may not find all that is there on your wish list but identifying your priorities is a good place to start.

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Real Estate Companies

When buying your first flat or apartment, always go for reputed real estate companies. If owning a flat in Kolkata is what in your mind, you may explore our residential projects at various premium locations of the city. Visit projects for more details.

Things to Consider Before Buying your First Home