Planning to buy flat in Kolkata or any other city? The real estate sector in Kolkata has undergone a dynamic shift in the past few years. Apart from local investments, NRI investment in real estate has also gone up. Whether you are a local or an NRI interested in investing in real estate, there are certain things that you should keep in mind before buying a property. Let’s dive in:

buy flat in KolkataAfter you have zeroed in on a property, it’s essential that you go through the documents and paper works. This includes:

  1. The Title Deed

The title deed is an important piece of document. Before you buy a property, you must know whether the builder owns that property or not. The title deed will tell you whether the builder has the full rights to the property or not. Ask for the original copy of the deed. The deed will also tell you if there is any litigation in progress related to the property in question.

  1. Encumbrance Certificate

This document will tell you whether the property you are buying carries any legal or monetary liability or not. You will get this at the sub registrar’s office.

  1. Commencement Certificate

Before the builders start construction work, they have to obtain a commencement certificate. It is issued by the local authorities that legally allow the builder to go ahead with construction. See if your builder has procured this document or not.

  1. Intimation of Disapproval

The Intimation of Disapproval or IOD is a bunch of permissions that a builder needs to obtain at various stages of the construction. This includes No Objection Certificate from different administrative departments including pollution board; sewage, and forest departments among others.

  1. The Purchase Agreement

Go through the purchase agreement carefully and ensure that it contains everything that the builder promised you. You can hold a builder liable for only those things that are included in the purchase agreement and not for those that were verbally promised to you. The purchase agreement must include all details regarding the construction project. This includes the completion deadline, project specification, and the scope of penalty in case any party default. It should include a clause to transfer the common areas to the society. This ensures that the builder cannot carry out any further construction on the land.

  1. The Layout Plan

Has the planning authorities approved the layout plan? This is essential to check before purchasing property. This makes sure that the developer sticks to the layout and doesn’t deviate from it.

  1. Review the list of banks financing the project

Once you have finalised the property and have confirmed that all the documents are in place, check the banks that are financing the project. If you plan to take a home loan, you can apply to any of the banks financing that project.

Get the property registered to become its lawful owner. Hope, this list was helpful. In case you want to buy flat in Kolkata, check the properties by the Unimark Group at

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Legal Checklist for Purchasing Property in Kolkata