People often tend to rush into buying a property if they feel that they are getting it for a lower price. What they do not realise is that there might be legal complications involved. There are a lot of things that you need to check before you buy a flat. Here’s a list for you:

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1. The Title Deed

This is a set of documents that will give you the right to your property. The title deed also is a document which is the proof of change of ownership of the property and is a necessary document if you want to sell your property in the future.

2. Certificate of No Encumbrance

Encumbrance is a situation where the property that you are going to buy might be mortgaged. So, this certificate is a must to ensure that no such discrepancy is present. Ask for a certificate of encumbrance till the date of registration of the property.

3. The Building Approval Plan

This is a document sanctioned by the concerned government authorities allowing the construction of the building. This differs from state to state. A project without a Building Sanction Plan has the risk of being demolished by the authorities or it may even lack the attributes that should be present in a building.

4. Check if property tax is paid or not
Property tax is paid annually and this helps ensure that all the papers and documents are in place and are up to date. Payment of property tax works as a kind of assurance that it has all valid documents.

5. Commencement Certificate (in case it’s an under-construction property)
Local authorities issue commencement certificate, a legal document, once they have inspected the construction site. The document is an assurance that the project meets all the necessary criteria. If the builder cannot acquire a commencement certificate then the construction will be considered illegal.

6. Completion Certificate (if it’s a constructed property)
The municipal authorities issue this certificate saying that the building complies with their rules of building construction and is constructed as per the approved plan. This is also an important document while applying for a home loan.

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Legal Checklist – Before Buying a Flat

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